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Cpanal – Mail not receiving error R=central_filter T=**bypassed**

Published September 4, 2010 by Siva

Recently I got very interesting issue and it took very long time to figure our. The problem was I was able to send/receive email to other accounts but not able to send/receive to my own account means to Here is what I was getting in error logs (Cpanel server). S=789
2009-04-11 14:20:00 1LsikC-00037z-NP => /dev/null
R=central_filter T=**bypassed**

Then here is what I found in cpanel forums:

central_filter refers to the email filters you’ve set up in cPanel – stored in /etc/vfilters/. Looks like you’ve got a filter set up to drop certain emails.

Then I renamed my domain name files in /etc/vfilters/ and I got this fixed, hope this will help you