SSH / SCP Password less Authentication

Published March 19, 2010 by Siva
Type the below command in terminal
# ssh-keygen -t rsa
* This will generate your id_rsa and in the .ssh directory in your home directory
* copy the to the .ssh directory of the remote host you want to logon to as authorized_keys2
* If you have more than one host from which you want to connect to the remote host, you need to add the local host’s as one line in the authorized_keys2 file of the remote host command for the 1and1 servers is:
# scp .ssh/ u35894953@

2 comments on “SSH / SCP Password less Authentication

  • hi,
    i am trying to set up the openssh/scp for windows. i generated the keys as per your advise (it’s also the same from the readme files of openssh 3.8.1) but its still prompting me for the password everytime i try to execute the command scp MyFile.txt user@server:MyFile.txt.

    I can successfully transfer the file but i want to do a passwordless process coz it will be run as a scheduled task. i set up openssh server on windows server 2003.

    i am doing a test by connecting from a windows xp where i installed openssh client.

    would appreciate any ideas on this.


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