Backup/Restore IIS Metabase.

Published February 1, 2010 by Siva

What is IIS Metabase

The metabase is a structure for storing Internet Information Server (IIS) configuration settings. The metabase is a plaintext XML file. The IIS Metabase is optimized for IIS and provides a hierarchal storage and fast retrieval of IIS configuration properties for Web sites, Virtual directories, FTP Sites, SMTP and NNTP sites.

Steps to Backup/Restore:

1. Click Start >> run and type ‘inetmgr’. This will open the Internet Services Manager.

2. Right click on the computer name in the left panel and select the ‘Backup/Restore Configuration’ in the Drop Down menu.

3. In the newly opened dialog box ‘Configuration Backup/Restore’, click on the button ‘Create Backup’. It will open the dialog box for specifying the name of the backup. After specifying the name, click ‘Ok’. The backup will be stored in the directory ‘C:\Windows\System32\InetSrv\Metaback’.

The backup can be restored by selecting the desired backup in the ‘Configuration Backup/Restore’  dialog box  and clicking the  ‘Restore’ button.


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